Here goes.. my first blog!

It’s been 3 days since I set up my blog and I’ve procrastinated ever since in trying to decide on where to start, what I would even write about and how I can best tell my story and share my journey as a professional fighter.

Most of you reading this would have been directed here from my social media accounts and therefore know who I am and what I do. But for those who don’t, let me introduce myself..

Photo credit: Lucas Noonan Bellator MMA

My name is Arlene ‘Angerfist’ Blencowe. I am a professional athlete who competes in MMA (mixed martial arts) and Boxing. Formerly a 2x World Boxing Champion I have since turned my attention to MMA. Being the first Australian female signed to Bellator MMA and currently ranked #5 featherweight in the world. I’m chasing the Bellator World Title, with the ultimate goal to be a World Champion Boxer and MMA fighter.

I’ve sat upon the idea of wanting to write an autobiography about my journey from being a 26yr old mother of two children to becoming a world champion and fighting on the world stage. Many people have said that it is a story worth telling and sharing. This is the reason why I am starting this blog.

The Angerfist Journal will include content about my fight career, the highs a lows of fight camp and competition, my mindset and things I do to overcome mental hurdles, day to day life of juggling family, work and training commitments.. basically a diary of my life!

...Arlene x

It’s been a while..

I started this blog back in August last year and in classic me style, here I am in January 2020 writing my second blog. I’ve always said that if I could exercise my way into a Uni degree I’d have degrees to the sky. The thing is, I like being active and on the move. Hence why I don’t have a desk job, my ‘day job’ involves me being in different locations everyday. Which suits me perfectly.

A NEW YEAR… A NEW ME. Not really, it’s a new year but it’s the same me. But with the intention of committing and following through with things better. Instead of using the excuse of being too busy, or training or being in fight camp. Because really that’s just an excuse. There’s always a way to find time for things that you’re prepared to find time for or want to do. So this should be no different. Journaling everyday as well which will encompass mindfulness and gratitude for the day, slip in a quick priming and stretch routine then my day will be set on the right track.

2020 is going to be a great year. A big year and I’m super excited and more than ready for it.

… Arlene